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What if all my car keys are lost?

If you have lost all your car keys, then providing a key from scratch is more complicated.

For example:

  • I may need to remove the immobiliser or ECU unit from your car.
  • I may need to replace the immobiliser or ECU unit from your car.

I recommend that you make an extra spare key and keep it in a safe place.

What if my car is locked up and I have no keys?

The cost to open up the car starts from $350.

Some modern cars have deadlocks and are very difficult to open. Specialised tools and techniques are used to open the car.


You can try the 2 mobile phones trick. Most likely it won’t work but it is worth a shot. 

You can unlock your car by having the person who has the remote press the button over their phone’s microphone, which transmits the sound to the person’s mobile phone at the locked car, therefore unlocking the door because of the radio signal.

4 Top Tips

Tip 1 - Check your car for lost car keys

The car is the most popular found spot for lost keys. This is because they spend a lot of time in the car.

Areas to check for lost car keys:

  • On the roof of the car.
  • On the windscreen wipers.
  • On the bonnet
  • In the ignition
  • In the glove box and other consoles.
  • In the center console
  • Under the foot mats
  • Put your hand inside the car seat, sometimes keys can slide inside there. There is a good chance you will find something else that you have lost.
  • Under the car seat
  • On the side door panel, put your hand to feel inside, sometimes you can’t see too well.
  • In the boot, sometimes when you are to get something from the boot you can place your keys there to pick something else up.
  • The rear parcel shelf
  • The bonnet where the engine is.
  • Underneath the car, it is a good idea to move the car to see hidden spots.
  • Underneath objects around the car
  • Inside a drain near the car.

Tip 2 - Retrace your steps for lost car keys

It is important to look at all heights when retracing your steps. Someone my have found your keys and placed them up high

It is a good idea to retrace your steps to where you had your key last.

It is important to look at all heights when retracing your steps. Someone my have found your keys and placed them up high.


Don’t forget to ask at lost and found and leave your details so they can call you back. It is a good idea to call lost and found the next day too, as there may be a delay in handing in the car keys.

Tip 3 - Keep a spare car key at a safe place.

If you have a spare key the cost of replacement is a lot cheaper then having no keys. This is because you can use the spare to clone the original key. 

Tip 4 - Check if your lost keys are covered by insurance.

Some insurance offer key replacement for stolen keys. This is different to lost keys. It is important to check PDS to see what your insurance policy covers.

Have a look at this article on insurance for stolen keys.


Which locksmith should I call?

Call me @  0458 822 300. My name is Peter and I can come out to you quickly.

I am specialist in automotive key services.

I have the expensive setup and all the necessary equipment.

I have many years experience and training in all the different methods.

I am excellent at troubleshooting problems as they arise.

What information do I need to provide to you?

  • Ownership usually by registration details
  • Your ID, drivers license is enough.
  • Year, make and model of your car
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Do I need to tow my car?

No. I can come to you.

Why are new car keys so expensive?

In the 1990s car theft was a major problem. The old-system locks made it easy for thieves to steal a car in minutes. This urged companies to develop the electronic immobiliser. The most common immobiliser is the transponder key.
The reason for their expensive price is because the keys now are much harder to reproduce. You need special equipment and software to cut and program the key.

How many spare keys should I have?

1 spare key is enough. But if you are in the situation of creating a spare key it is cheaper to make 2 spare keys instead of 1. It will also save you time in the future if you are in the same situation.

How common is it to lose your keys?

Over 1,000 people search on google each month for lost car keys.

How do you cut a car key?

I cut the key by code using Sec E9 or Ninja Laser see the video of me cutting VT Commodore key by code.

What does a transponder key look like?

Transponder Key Mitsubishi Grandis
Transponder Key Mitsubishi Grandis

How much does car key replacement cost?

The cost of replacing a car key starts from $99 to $500, depending on your car make.

You save a lot money if you have a spare key to clone from.

Some keys you can’t clone. You must program them into the vehicle using specialised equipment and process.

Would you like a quote for a replacement car key?

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